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  5 reasons a cruise is educational for children  

A cruise can be an educational experience for children both in terms of exploring new destinations and learning stuff on the ship. There’s a reason some 2 million kids come aboard cruise ships each year and it’s not all about fun and games and waterslides.

WILDLIFE:  Depending on your itinerary, you may spot dolphins, whales, fish, seals, sea lions, and other marine species. Take older kids snorkeling to view all kinds of colorful fish and coral.

GEOGRAPHY:  Your family cruise vacation brings opportunity for kids to learn about the world’s oceans.  Depending on the itinerary there are glaciers, mountains, fjords, rainforest, waterfalls, beaches and more to explore.

LANGUAGES:  A cruise ship is a multicultural environment. Depending on the itinerary your kids may make friends with kids from South America, Central America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere. Crews come from all over the world and maybe willing to teach your children a few words in their native language.

CULTURE:   Travel at best takes you out of your comfort zone and gives the children an enhanced world-view. On shore look for cultural activities such as visiting museums, watching a dance performance, and trying new foods.

EIQUETTE:  Beyond taking your kids to sea and seeing new places is the fact eating in a dining room, ordering their meals and generally are expected to behave. Cruise ships are great places for such lessons as where your napkin goes, the proper use of tableware, saying please and thank you and being courteous in a social setting.

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